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Reflexology, perimenopause & menopause

Reflexology Perimenopause and Menopause Menopause is a natural process that all women will go through and anyone who has been through perimenopause will know that symptoms can be both wide-ranging and have a big effect on well-being in daily life. Thankfully societal attitudes to menopause are changing and people commonly feel more able to talk Continue reading »

4 metaphors for anxiety

4 metaphors for anxiety Anxiety is a term that is used to describe a wide range of feelings and sensations, from mild unease to paralyzing fear. For many people, anxiety is a daily struggle that can make it hard to function normally. Metaphors can be helpful in understanding anxiety because they allow you to see Continue reading »

Pregnancy Massage at Muswell Health

Massage during pregnancy After a recent massage treatment my client commented, with pleasure in her voice, ‘I feel so relaxed …but also…. I feel much lighter in my body…. its like space has been created inside’. This feeling is welcome when you are 40 weeks pregnant and such comments are not unusual from my pregnant Continue reading »

Positivity in the pandemic

Positivity in the Pandemic How can we build optimism in the face of our current challenges? Is it possible to feel good when external circumstances are bad? Can we increase our resilience and positive emotions, in spite of the pandemic? On Sunday 10th January, Muswell Health’s positive psychologist and life coach Nikki Hughes will be Continue reading »

Have we had enough of parenting?

Dr. Emma Svanberg, a clinical psychologist at Muswell Health has written this article for Village Raw.  When I first started working with parents, my job was pretty simple. People may have read one of two parenting “manuals”, like Gina Ford or The Baby Whisperer, but generally information came from family members, midwives, health visitors and Continue reading »

Life coach goal-setting

Goal setting for the New Year Nikki Hughes, our resident life coach and positive psychologist studies ‘what goes right’ with people and works with individuals and groups to help them gain greater happiness and well-being in all areas of life. With January approaching, it seemed like a good time to talk to her about goal-setting; a Continue reading »


Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body.

Wild is the wind

Imagine a young sapling tree being buffeted by gale-force winds. Its flexibility is its strength as it’s being blown about in all directions, losing nothing more than a few leaves in the process. And this buffeting strengthens the tree, making it less likely to be blown over from similar gale-force winds as it grows older. Continue reading »


Are you moving around enough? I was talking to a new client prior to her massage treatment last week, to see what she wanted from her session and to check which areas of muscle tension she wanted me to focus on. Like a large majority of my clients she has a desk bound job and Continue reading »

Alexander Technique

What do singing and running have in common? Ask yourself! Well, Lisette Oropesa, a very talented and successful 34 year old operatic soprano singer, whose two great passions in life are singing and running, and who is singing at the Royal Opera House this November, said on Radio 4’s Front Row review programme: “To sing Continue reading »