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Tom Hoyland; Winner of the Lux Health, Beauty and Wellness awards: Reflexologist of the Year 2018; London. And LUX Excellence Award for Traditional Thai Yoga Massage; UK.

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Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body.

Wild is the wind

Imagine a young sapling tree being buffeted by gale-force winds. Its flexibility is its strength as it’s being blown about in all directions, losing nothing more than a few leaves in the process. And this buffeting strengthens the tree, making it less likely to be blown over from similar gale-force winds as it grows older. Continue reading »


Are you moving around enough? I was talking to a new client prior to her massage treatment last week, to see what she wanted from her session and to check which areas of muscle tension she wanted me to focus on. Like a large majority of my clients she has a desk bound job and Continue reading »

Alexander Technique

What do singing and running have in common? Ask yourself! Well, Lisette Oropesa, a very talented and successful 34 year old operatic soprano singer, whose two great passions in life are singing and running, and who is singing at the Royal Opera House this November, said on Radio 4’s Front Row review programme: “To sing Continue reading »

Deep Tissue Massage

Ease your cold and achy muscles with a deep tissue massage. At this time of year most of us start to feel a few more aches and pains in our bodies. The cold is starting to have an affect. We are less active and spend more time indoors. The time we do spend outside, we Continue reading »

Stop Smoking

Stop smoking with hypnotherapy. So you want to give up smoking. The first thing to know is you’re not actually addicted. Smoking is not an addiction. It’s a habit. And hypnotherapy is good way of changing a well-entrenched habit and then creating new, positive and healthy ones in its place. It may also make the Continue reading »

Hypnotherapy for performance anxiety and stage fright

So I’ve been exploring the area of performance anxiety and stage fright. And after a few weeks of research, I came to the realization that what classical musicians, and soloists in particular go through before they walk out on stage, and when they’re on stage performing, and sometimes during their post-performance come-down, is actually a Continue reading »

Boost your fertility

Five super foods to boost your fertility Are you trying to get pregnant? If so, did you know that the foods you eat today impact the health of your eggs and sperm 90 days from now? Include these five foods daily to boost your egg and sperm quality: 1. Green leafy vegetables Such as broccoli, Continue reading »

How to be resolute with your New Year resolutions

I love New Year; it’s full of hope, possibility and new starts. Here’s an approach to help you capitalise on that new year optimism and make resolutions that last. The mistake we often make with our resolutions is to come from a place of ‘should’; ‘I should start running’, ‘I should quit smoking’. I encourage Continue reading »