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Clinical Psychologist Muswell Hill

Clinical Psychologist Muswell Hill

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Clinical Psychologist Muswell Hill: Becoming a parent is a time of tremendous change. There are many exciting new joys and opportunities for growth, but people often find this period brings new challenges too and may lead to the emergence of old wounds.

Typically, sessions with a clinical psychologist during this period of transition will involve thinking about the main difficulties or “stuck” points; these may be anxiety-based, such as fears about giving birth or concerns about what kind of parent you will be, or perhaps causing feelings of sadness, grief or despair – sometimes related to previous traumas or losses in your life.

Psychologists are likely to ask lots of questions initially to help them to think about and come up with hypotheses about what might be going on and why, and then will use this information combined with their own clinical experience and research to begin to explore and process some of the changes and difficult feelings, usually with an aim to improve mood and quality of life (but they will discuss aims and goals during the first few sessions).

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