Craniosacral Therapy Muswell Hill

Craniosacral Therapy Muswell Hill

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People sometimes ask about the name Craniosacral Therapy (CST) and think it only refers to the head. In fact CST works with the whole person and changes may occur in body, mind and spirit during and after sessions. When a Craniosacral Therapist places her hands lightly on you, she is using them to listen to you in much the same way that a counsellor might listen to your words. Your body responds to this sensitive touch by beginning to listen to itself. A feeling that you have been heard in the truest sense of the word is a common experience during or after a Craniosacral session.

CST supports your body’s innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself, as well as helping to reduce stress and build your underlying energy. I sense tensions in your body and help to release them in a supported and comfortable way. During or after a session you may feel calm and energised, with increased clarity of mind and a feeling of well-being.

A core principle is to strengthen the health –  our deepest inner resource in life. Furthermore, my treatments involve, with an orientation to resources, working with the imprints of shock and trauma.

People may come for CST because they have acute physical problems like headaches or bad back, neck pains, or long-standing problems both physical and emotional like anxiety, chronic stress, tinnitus, menstrual/hormonal disorders, sciatica. Others come for ongoing support in their busy lives and for  help to meet life’s challenges.

Because it is so gentle and non-invasive, CST is suitable for everyone from newborns to the elderly. Mothers and babies often come for problems associated with difficult or traumatic births. Letting go of tension and fear held in the body enables both to settle into calmness. CST is beneficial even if the pregnancy and birth were trouble free. It can also offer support for:

  • establishing and supporting breastfeeding
  • developing good sleep patterns
  • early infant feeding problems including colic, reflux and allergies
  • torticollis (wry neck)
  • bonding with parents and siblings

Pregnant women may come to CST for:

  • minor pregnancy ailments such as back pain
  • balancing effects on nervous and hormonal systems
  • support for both mother and baby
  • preparing for birth

Craniosacral Therapy is offered by Martha Egger.

Martha is a member of the: Craniosacral Therapy Association