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Gestalt Psychotherapy

Gestalt Psychotherapy with Magdalena Adamczyk

“Only by knowing how we are with other people and how they are with us do we truly
become ourselves and know ourselves”. G.M. Yontef

In line with the Gestalt Psychotherapy methodology and philosophy, I developed my relational style of working focused on an authentic and genuine two persons communication. I believe that a safe space where the clients can recognise their suffering, in a full compassionate presence of the therapist has already a potential for healing. However, to ensure positive change the therapist needs to also pay attention to the therapist-client relationship and to the client’s physical body process. To do so I may ask about thoughts and feelings, body sensations, imagery, dreams, opinions and beliefs.

What to expect from a session?

  • You can bring to a session whatever comes to your mind. It is common to feel that you do not want to talk about more sensitive issues before building a sense of trust with the Psychotherapist.
  • You never have to share more than you are comfortable sharing.
  • You recognize that you have choices you did not used to think you had.
  • After a session you may feel relief in having a safe and supportive environment to talk openly about your problems.
  • Other people are noticing differences in you, and they are beginning to react to you in different and more positive ways.

Useful link: The School of Life, mental unwellness doesn’t just take a toll on our minds; it affects our physical selves as well. We need to listen to what our bodies are telling us – and care for them as diligently as we care for our thoughts.

Magdalena is a registered member of The UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) since 2016 and I adhere to both Metanoia’s and UKCP’s Code of Ethics.

We continue to have in place a number of infection control measures, for the safety of our clients and therapists.

This includes: All therapists and clients to wear a face covering in communal areas, and in the treatment room of some close contact therapists. Handwashing protocols in place for therapists and clients, with instructions at hand washing sinks. Hand sanitiser in all therapy rooms and the reception area, along with anti-bacterial spray for cleaning between each client. Opening windows to air treatment rooms for at least 10 minutes between each client.

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