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Tom Hoyland; Winner of the Lux Health, Beauty and Wellness awards: Reflexologist of the Year 2018; London. And LUX Excellence Award for Traditional Thai Yoga Massage; UK.

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Health Kinesiology Muswell Hill

Health Kinesiology Muswell Hill

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Health Kinesiology Muswell Hill is a holistic approach to mind and body wellness. It’s based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the understanding that wellbeing is dependent on the balanced flow of energy through our bodies.

Many things can affect this flow of energy. When blocked it can affect us in different ways, both physically and mentally. Typically, a physical problem or illness has an emotional or psychological issue at its root. With Health Kinesiology, muscle testing is used to get feedback from the body to find what issues are causing a problem and what energy work is needed to fix it. In simple terms, it’s like asking the body what is wrong and what is needed to heal it.

While muscle testing identifies an issue, correcting an issue can involve holding acupressure points, using magnets, crystals, homeopathics and flower essences, or stimulating a physical or mental stress. This work creates an energy shift, clearing the energy blocks. Muscle testing can also identify specific and personal lifestyle changes that will bring about improvements in wellbeing. This could be the need to take a vitamin or increase intake of a certain food, drink more water, move something from the bedroom, take up an activity.

Is Health Kinesiology for you?

Health Kinesiology can help with a vast range of conditions and issues, and often people find that more than one problem improves at the same time. These are some common ways that Health Kinesiology has helped people:

  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • boost energy and motivation
  • overcome past trauma or fears
  • deal with emotional and psychological issues
  • improve sleep issues
  • manage allergy and intolerance
  • identify nutritional needs and improve immunity

Work is done fully clothed and on a massage table.

Health Kinesiology is offered by Sophie Mercado