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Life coach goal-setting

Goal setting for the New Year

Nikki Hughes, our resident life coach and positive psychologist studies ‘what goes right’ with people and works with individuals and groups to help them gain greater happiness and well-being in all areas of life.
With January approaching, it seemed like a good time to talk to her about goal-setting; a well-explored area of positive psychology.


Nikki says:

“Positive psychology shouldn’t be confused with artificial ‘positive thinking’. Rather, it is the scientific study of happiness, so using the same rigour and controls as any science, we explore questions around wellbeing. From this, we are able to understand key factors and identify actions and approaches which will improve our lives.

Purpose is an important area of positive psychology. People who have a clear sense of purpose in life tend to be happier and more emotionally resilient than those that don’t. They also report having more energy and more positive emotions than people with less purpose.

Goal-setting in relation to purpose is particularly interesting.
Goal-setting increases feelings of self-efficacy (belief in one’s capabilities) and helps to create optimism.
Interestingly, people who set goals (long and short term) for themselves report being happier and more positive than people who do not set goals, regardless of whether those goals are ever attained. I.e. The act of setting goals alone is beneficial to happiness, regardless of outcome!

With January just around the corner, now is a great time take a look at your life, think about where you are and where you want to be, and then to identify some smart goals to help you make 2019 one of your best years yet.

If that sounds fun to you and you’d like a companion on the journey, or you want to buy a life-enhancing Christmas present for a friend of family member, take a look at my goal-setting coaching packages below, which have been designed with all this in mind.

Wishing you a wonderful, successful, and joy-filled 2019!”

Goal-setting packages:
Make 2019 Amazing: Goal-setting package 1

3 x 50-minute sessions: £140

Session 1 – Review of 2018
This session is spent reviewing the past year and taking stock of all aspects of your current life- the good, the bad and the ugly. Once you’ve arrived at a full and clear picture of exactly where you are, Nikki will introduce questions and exercises to help you explore areas of your life that you might want to make changes in.

Session 2 – Envisaging the future
“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do”
In session two Nikki will work with you to explore your possible future. She’ll help you to explore what a great year would look like for you and how things could be in a year, or five years, if you pursue various different goals, options or pathways.

Session 3 – SMART Goal-setting
Building on the last session, Nikki will help you to define and articulate SMART Goals, which are inline with your longer term ambitions.
Time will be spent breaking each goal down in to smaller sub-goals and actions, which will help you towards achieving the main goal.

Make 2019 Amazing: Goal-setting package 2

4 x 50 minute sessions: £180

Sessions 1-3
As above

Session 4 – Progress
In this session, Nikki will help you to review the progress you have made towards your goals so far.
Any blocks or difficulties can be explored and solutions to help you address them moving forward can be found.

On-going progress support: If you wish to book further progress sessions to keep you on track over the coming months or throughout the year, this can be done on an ad-hoc basis, at a cost of £45 per session.

Goal-setting packages are available as a gift voucher from Nikki. Once bought the voucher will be sent as an attachment in an email to be printed. Also available at; https://www.muswellhealth.uk/gift-vouchers-muswell-hill/

Packages are also available to purchase up until 31st January 2019. All vouchers are valid for six months. Call for more info 020 8883 498, or visit www.muswelhealth.uk