Meditation Muswell Hill

Meditation Muswell Hill

Sunday Morning Meditation Classes: Please note our meditation classes are pausing for a while. We hope to be able to bring a new schedule of classes in the late Autumn.  

To book call: 020 8883 4981

Come and join Sal Fulcher, our psychotherapist, in some relaxing meditation on Sunday mornings 11:00am – 11:45am Muswell Hill.

You can book in for a class by calling us at 0208 883 4981 or by email at

The cost is £10 which is payable in cash on the day.
Please book your space before hand, as we often get full.

The Benefits

Meditation helps create distance from our chattery minds, enabling us to lessen negative emotions and thought patterns. It gives us a space to be still and connect to ourselves. It helps bring more peace, stillness, joy and clarity to our lives and reduces anxiety, stress and depression. In fact, there is much research available that demonstrates that regular meditation positively changes the structure of our brains.

How The Classes Work

Sal will talk you through the meditation of the day and then you will get settled in your posture. You may wish to sit cross legged on a cushion or on a chair. The class will begin with a body scan, which will relax your you ready for the meditation.

Then you will move onto one of Sal’s favourite Buddhist meditations. She uses meditations inspired by Buddhism as she finds them to be particularly beneficial, but you don’t have be interested in Buddhism to understand them or find them helpful and there are no religious components.

Here are the three meditations that we rotate each Sunday;

• Mindfulness of Breathing (Helps calm our chatty minds and encourage inner peace)
• Loving Kindness Meditation (Helps generate feelings of kindness towards ourselves and others)
• Tonglen (Helps bring calm and healing to uneasy feelings and situations)

After the meditation, there will be time for those who want, to share experiences or ask questions.

If you have any questions about the meditation classes, do not hesitate to contact Sal Fulcher on 07955233898 or at