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Mindfulness Muswell Hill

Mindfulness Muswell Hill

Tony Dallas has kindly given us access to a number of his animation videos on Mindfulness. The videos are aimed at young people and families. We will update these regularly. Thank you Tony x

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Mindfulness Muswell Hill, It has long been known that the way we think, and how we deal with our thoughts, plays a big part in our happiness, resilience and mental health. Mindfulness muswell hill is firstly about awareness and the ability to live in the present moment. Meditation is one of the ways in which we can learn to be mindful. In a therapeutic / developmental sense, mindfulness is a mind-body based, psychosensory approach that can help people change the way they think and feel about their experiences, especially stressful experiences.

Mindfulness Now – Programme Summary

Mindfulness Now is a unique mind/body programme incorporating a fusion of key elements from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) The classes are 75 minutes per week over eight weeks. You will learn the essential principles of mindfulness and techniques to build your personal home practice.

The course includes:

• A detailed individual assessment.
• Individual, personalised, 1 to 1 mindfulness meditation sessions.
• Group mindfulness sessions.
• An eight week teaching and support programme.

The. Key learning points include:

• A variety of formal and informal mindfulness meditation practices, which involve using the breath and body as a focus for being aware of our experience in the present moment.
• Recognising the patterns of worrying and self-criticism that brings more stress.
• Learning how to relate to ourselves with self-compassion.
• Learning to have more mindful connections and relationships.
• Developing practical self-care tools to help us thrive, perform at our best, and build resilience.

Dates and Times: Please enquire
Day – Thursdays –
Location – Online
Price £120.00

Notes: We can only facilitate a maximum 12  people on the course. No prior mindfulness experience or knowledge is required. If you have been financially affected by the coronavirus and can’t afford the advertised rate, then please do get in touch with us so we can offer sliding scale prices.

Mindfulness is offered by Tony Dallas

Tony Dallas has worked within communities for over 40 years. He is the founder and CEO of the children’s charity Success Club working in schools with children, parents and teachers and has been practising mindfulness for the past eight years. He is a qualified Paws B mindfulness in schools’ practitioner and is a fully licensed Mindfulness Now teacher. He passionately believes that mindfulness can change landscapes within society.

Tony Says “I am insightful, persistent, challenging and I listen carefully to others to help bring about change in individuals and society. Over my many years of helping people I consistently see that when people discover an ability within them be it to sing, write a poem, express their feelings in a way that touches others this ignites a spark of hope that their lives can be different, that they can realize their potential. I get people to feel they can do better than they’re already doing.’ Tony is also a storyteller and poet and believes in the power of the story.

“The greatest story you will ever tell, is the one you tell about yourself.” Anon

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