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Myofascial Release Muswell Hill

Myofascial Release Muswell Hill

Myofascial release Muswell Hill is a form of body-work therapy that addresses restrictions and imbalances in the connective tissue of the body and is used to bring about a decrease or elimination of pain and restore movement and better postural alignment.

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Fascia is a three-dimensional web of connective tissue wrapping round and connecting all areas of the body, including muscles, bones and organs.
Like all tissue in the body, fascia can become damaged through injury, overuse, under use or from other traumas and stresses. These stresses and injuries can cause restrictions in the body’s tissue. This can lead to pain, postural misalignment and a loss of full range of movement.

Myofascial release is given with the client lying on a massage couch. The therapist uses various techniques to work the Fascia. These include gentle stretching and hands on techniques where the therapist uses slow sustained pressure on areas of the body. Techniques used unwind and release the fascia from any restrictions and adhesions that have developed.

“I have seen clients for a range of issues, including Myofascial release for migraine, Myofascial release for thoracic outlet syndrome, Myofascial release for pain relief, and more.”

“People also seek Myofascial release for help with Fibromyalgia, TMJ and Jaw pain, Planter Fasciitis, Whiplash, Sciatica, Tennis elbow, Scar tissue, RSI, Rotator cuff pain, Neck and back pain.”

Correcting the restrictions in the fascia to enable change can take time and depending on the type of injury or pain problem, a series of at least three weekly sessions is advised at first.

Myofascial Release is offered by Tom Hoyland, who studied for a diploma in Practical Myofascial Release from Amanda Oswald of the pain care clinic.

“Using Myofascial Release as a specialist treatment for pain and pain disorders is wonderful, the gentle and subtle approach of the techniques is a great way to work with pain and the powerful effects they bring are obviously transformative for my clients”.

To talk with Tom call 020 8883 4981 or email reception@muswellhealth.uk

We continue to have a number of infection control measures in place, for the safety of our clients and therapists.

This includes:  Handwashing protocols for therapists and clients, with instructions at hand washing sinks. Hand sanitiser in all therapy rooms, and the reception area, along with anti-bacterial spray for cleaning between each client. Opening windows to air treatment rooms for at least 10 minutes between each client.

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