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October Taster Sessions

During October a number of our therapists will be offering 30 & 20 minute taster sessions, at discounted prices. Booking a taster session gives you an idea of what a therapy session will be like, the techniques used, or an idea of how the therapist will be able to help and support you.
See the list below for more details on the different therapies on offer. Sessions are available on Saturdays & Sundays. Call to book your space. 020-8883-4981

Nutritional Therapy with Juliette Martin‘Feeling sub-par, struggling with low energy, finding it hard to sleep or experiencing digestive symptoms?  Meet our latest addition to the team, registered Nutritional Therapist Juliette Martin who will be offering taster sessions based on your 3-day food diary and a health questionnaire, which you’ll be asked to fill out online beforehand. You’ll come away from the session with personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations that you can start implementing immediately.

Thrine Sofie Goes, Integrative Pychotherapy(MBACP), Ever thought about going to therapy, but didn’t really know what it would be like? Or, have you been overwhelmed by a past or recent life event that has become increasingly more difficult to manage? These one-to-one taster sessions are an informal meet and greet, where you can come as you are. Many people may feel therapy is shrouded in mystery, only taking place in whispers behind closed doors, but I believe that it is a transformational experience that with the tools and perspectives gained, can make every day easier to bear.Within our session, I look forward to learning a bit more about you and why you are considering therapy. Importantly, the taster session is a place where you can gather information and ask any questions that you might have. You can meet with Thrine for a 30 minute chat to find out more about therapy and how it can help everyday challenges/past unresolved conflict/interpersonal struggles/grief/anxiety/low mood. This is a not a therapy session but a time to ask any questions you may have about seeking emotional support.

Carlo Volpi, Sound Therapist and Biodynamic Massage – Biodynamic massage is a form of psychotherapeutic touch that works on all levels of the human experience, from the physical, to the emotional and the spiritual. The therapist is closely attuned to the client and works with a range of movements that invite relaxation and integration. A stethoscope is placed on the client’s abdomen to monitor their ‘psychoperistalsis’: the noises that come from the gut are used by the therapist as a biofeedback to guide the massage and they offer a wealth of information about the client’s ability to self-regulate. A “sound massage” is a very gentle and non-invasive modality that works on relaxing both the physical body and the mind. A set of Himalayan singing bowls is used to work on the body: the soothing sound of these instruments is very relaxing for the mind and it sends gentle vibrations through the physical body, massaging the bones, the muscles, the organs and the skin. Sound therapy can help with many conditions, from chronic pain to stress, depression and anxiety. A sound massage is also ideal for those clients who may not be comfortable with physical contact.

Gestalt Psychotherapy with Magdalena AdamczykFeeling sad, a lack of motivation or pleasure in life/relationship or marital difficulties/a break up or divorce/Feeling bad about yourself or a sense of worthlessness/having trouble sleeping, nightmares or constant worrying/instrusive thougths or habits which you can’t let go of/sudden outbursts of anger or tears that seem disproportionate to you/not being able to form fulfilling or lasting intimate relationships/insecurities about who you are or what you want/making decisions/feeling like some events from the past keep holding you back/transitions from one major life stage into the next (for example moving country, leaving school/university, becoming a parent or grandparent, being made redundant or retiring from work)/feeling inhibited, numb or like ‘there must be more to life’/suffering from isolation and lonliness/existential dread /fear of death/illness or ageing/noticing any of the above experiences in your children.

You might not know exactly what it is you want to work on, or just have a general idea of needing some support with the challenges of your life at the moment. During our initial consultation, we will talk about your reasons for coming, your hopes and expectations, reservations and questions about beginning this process. We can then explore the options for how we might be working together and you can make a decision afterwards.

Acupuncture with Claire Frost – Acupuncture treats a wide range of conditions including mental and emotional health as well as physical issues such as back and neck ache, sciatica, frozen shoulder and problems with joints and muscles, including sports injuries. Claire has specialised over the years in issues affecting women such as menstrual health, fertility, acupuncture during pregnancy and induction of labour. The 30 minute Taster Session that Claire is offering will give you the chance to have a Traditional Chinese initial tongue and pulse diagnosis plus a short acupuncture treatment. Claire will explain in simple terms how acupuncture works and what the diagnosis says about your condition and give lifestyle advice as appropriate. To facilitate the diagnosis process Claire will need a photo of your tongue provided prior to the treatment.

Life Coaching with Anna Foakes
Do you have a problem, issue, or challenge that you’ve been unable to get traction on? Is there an area of your life in which you’d like to make a positive change – health, career, relationships – but lack the confidence to move, or just aren’t sure exactly where to start? Is there something going on for you right now that you feel you could benefit from some additional support or guidance around? Hi, I’m Anna Foakes – and I’m a certified Life Coach. Life Coaching can help with a wide variety of life situations, challenges, and opportunities (including ones such as those mentioned above). It’s a dynamic process, centred around a personal conversation. In essence, we talk, and things start to look and feel different for you. As part of Muswell Health’s open day, I’m offering you a 30-minute taster session, to find out more about Coaching and its benefits. Book your space today, to start moving forwards with more confidence, more direction & more purpose.

Craniosacral Therapy with Zoe
A non-invasive technique that uses a light touch making it suitable for everyone. Craniosacral therapy is a unique therapy that looks for the health that exists in the body and works on promoting that health. The work takes place at a rate comfortable to you. The hands may be placed in different locations on the body, for example; the head or sacrum, to listen for the craniosacral rhythm present in us all, encouraging a deep stillness which is comforting and relaxing, allowing the body to let go of tensions and for changes to take place.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy with Luisalla
I’m offering a 30 minutes session of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy and general nutritional tips, during which I will explain long term benefits and mechanism of actions of this very effective non-invasive treatment that has changed many people’s lives for over 20 years. It is particularly effective for candida, detoxification, headaches and migraines, food intolerances, dental issues, viral infections, hypertension (HERPES SIMPLEX & ZOSTER etc) and any chronic conditions that have not responded to conventional medicine. Food intolerances testing taster also available on request.


We continue to have a number of infection control measures in place, for the safety of our clients and therapists.

This includes:  Handwashing protocols for therapists and clients, with instructions at hand washing sinks. Hand sanitiser in all therapy rooms, and the reception area, along with anti-bacterial spray for cleaning between each client. Opening windows to air treatment rooms for at least 10 minutes between each client.

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