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Positivity in the pandemic

Positivity in the Pandemic

How can we build optimism in the face of our current challenges? Is it possible to feel good when external circumstances are bad? Can we increase our resilience and positive emotions, in spite of the pandemic?

On Sunday 10th January, Muswell Health’s positive psychologist and life coach Nikki Hughes will be running a two-hour interactive online workshop to share a number of exercises and techniques designed to build resilience, generate optimism and increase positive emotions. The session will end with a hypnotic relaxation, to bring greater propensity for positive thoughts and feelings into the mind.

2020 has been a year like no other. Coronavirus has impacted our health, work-life and home-life in unimaginable ways, testing most of us to our limit. Feelings of stress, depression, powerlessness are on the rise and while we are hopeful that 2021 might be the end in sight, it’s going to be some time before we can return to any real ‘normality’. That summary presents a pretty sombre view, and yet there are things we can do to improve our wellbeing and internal experience of life, even at this time.

Positive psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing and wellbeing. Years of research have taught us many things about happiness – what happiness is (and what it’s not), where it comes from and how we can generate more of it. Crucially, we now know that it is possible to build our resilience, optimism and experience of positive emotions – and that this intentional activity can help us feel better on a day-to-day basis, as well as improving our ability to cope with the challenges of life when they arrive.

“I’ve been studying, researching and promoting the importance of happiness since 2012 and this year has given people unprecedented challenges. The impacts on people’s happiness and wellbeing have been notable. In this workshop, I’m sharing some techniques and exercises that have been shown to improve positive perspective, wellbeing and resilience. Do come and join us if you’re looking for a boost. I would love to see you there”.


If you would like to attend the workshop, full details are below. Please reach out to us with any questions.

Date: Sunday 10th January 2021. Time: 10:30am-12:30pm

Access: The session will be held online. A Zoom platform link will be emailed to attendees in advance of the session

Cost: £25. (If you are struggling financial as a result of the pandemic, please request a reduced fee space on the workshop)

Requirements: Attendees will need reliable access to the internet and should have a pen and paper to hand, as a number of the exercises are written.

Booking: Please email  reception@muswellhealth.uk to book your place