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Existential Psychotherapy with Mark White

The Existential Approach

My approach is to work with whatever you bring, while exploring together what you are going through in an open, sensitive and private setting. I aim to work with you person to person, with respect and sensitivity so you can feel truly listened to. We can work together at your own pace, safely exploring whatever troubles you, on your own terms.

With you, I aim to explore and reflect on your life on your terms, in a way that means something to you. This is not simply cognitive, mental thinking. Instead my approach aims to look at how you feel in everyday life, what your relationships with other people are like and also how you feel about yourself. The route to awareness is through exploring and sharing, your own personal lived experience within a deeper therapeutic setting. With deep awareness on a felt personal level, the possibility of choice may arise.

The openness of our work is held through the structure of the therapeutic frame where both client and therapist agree to meet regularly at the same time every week in privacy and confidentiality. Together we can work through and explore what challenges you, working out what could be different, and how you could move on again in your life.

Areas of our work:

I work with people going through emotional distress, anxiety, depression or those who just want to work through how they feel about life. I also work with people experiencing addiction, feelings of anxiety and depression, those struggling with bereavement as well as fertility issues. I can work with you if you’re experiencing:

· Emotional distress

· Anxiety

· Stress

· Addiction and dependency

· Depression

· Bereavement, loss and grief

· Trauma

· Relationship and relational issues

· Identity

· Infertility and conception

· Life choices and dilemmas

· Isolation and loneliness

· Senses of hopelessness and unease

Getting started

I would be happy to arrange an initial appointment where we can assess what you are going through, your past experiences and how you aim to benefit from therapy. As a guide, short tern work can be around 10 sessions with longer term work ranging from 6 months and over, it’s up to you.

“A boundary is not that at which something stops, but that from which something begins.”

Next steps

If you’d like more information then feel free to give us a call 020 8883 4981, or email reception@muswellhealth.uk, and we’ll put you in touch with Mark.

Mark is an experienced and fully qualified UKCP accredited and BACP (MBACP) registered psychotherapist with experience of working with a wide range of issues such as anxiety, depression, relationships and life dilemmas. Mark has worked at depth with bereavement, complicated & traumatic loss, addiction and infertility issues.

We continue to have in place a number of infection control measures, for the safety of our clients and therapists.

This includes: All therapists and clients to wear a face covering in communal areas, and in the treatment room of some close contact therapists. Handwashing protocols in place for therapists and clients, with instructions at hand washing sinks. Hand sanitiser in all therapy rooms and the reception area, along with anti-bacterial spray for cleaning between each client. Opening windows to air treatment rooms for at least 10 minutes between each client.

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