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Tom Hoyland; Winner of the Lux Health, Beauty and Wellness awards: Reflexologist of the Year 2018; London. And LUX Excellence Award for Traditional Thai Yoga Massage; UK.

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Integrative Positive Psychology Life Coaching

January is a great time take a look at your life, think about where you are and where you want to be, and then to identify some smart goals to help you make 2019 one of your best years yet.

If that sounds fun to you and you’d like a companion on the journey, take a look at my goal-setting coaching packages below, which have been designed with this in mind.

Make 2019 Amazing: Goal-setting package 1 (3 x 50-minute sessions: £140)

Session 1 – Review of 2018
This session is spent reviewing the past year and taking stock of all aspects of your current life- the good, the bad and the ugly. Once you’ve arrived at a full and clear picture of exactly where you are, I will introduce questions and exercises to help you explore areas of your life that you might want to make changes in.

Session 2 – Envisaging the future
“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do”
In session two I will work with you to explore your possible future. She’ll help you to explore what a great year would look like for you and how things could be in a year, or five years, if you pursue various different goals, options or pathways.

Session 3 – SMART Goal-setting
Building on the last session, I will help you to define and articulate SMART Goals, which are inline with your longer term ambitions.
Time will be spent breaking each goal down in to smaller sub-goals and actions, which will help you towards achieving the main goal.

Make 2019 Amazing: Goal-setting package 2 (4 x 50 minute sessions: £180)

Sessions 1-3
As above

Session 4 – Progress
In this session, I will help you to review the progress you have made towards your goals so far.
Any blocks or difficulties can be explored and solutions to help you address them moving forward can be found.

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