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Stop Smoking

Stop smoking with hypnotherapy.

So you want to give up smoking. The first thing to know is you’re not actually addicted. Smoking is not an addiction. It’s a habit. And hypnotherapy is good way of changing a well-entrenched habit and then creating new, positive and healthy ones in its place. It may also make the thought of smoking absolutely repellent, as well as accessing the part of the brain that puts you in control of your decision making, which, as you can imagine, has enormous knock-on benefits for other parts of your life.

“I didn’t really want to stop smoking as I had enjoyed doing it for 30 years but I thought the time had come to quit. I’d tried everything including will power, patches and gum. I then heard about Steve from a friend of mine and decided, with much scepticism, to give hypnotherapy a go”.
“I got to his consulting room a little early and smoked a couple of cigarettes in the car while I waited to see him, just to keep me going until after the session was over when I could have another. Then I met Steve. He was so charming and I immediately felt relaxed in his company. The session itself was amazing. The “sleep” that I had was utterly soothing and relaxing. I knew that Steve was talking in the background but can only remember a few words that he said. When I woke up, I felt as if I had had the deepest and most relaxing sleep. I hadn’t slept like that in years. I felt thoroughly invigorated. After the session, I said my goodbyes and went to my car. On the dashboard, there sat my packet of Silk Cuts. As soon as I saw them, they utterly disgusted me and I scrunched up the packet and threw them into the bin outside. And that was it! No more smoking!” *

*Results may vary from person to person.

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