(Thai) Pregnancy Massage Muswell Hill

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Our nurturing and gentle Pregnancy Massage is given using Traditional Thai Yoga Massage techniques, with the client fully clothed lying on a Futon mattress. The feet, legs, back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands are all worked for a wonderful massage during pregnancy treatment.

The receiver is lying on their side supported with cushions, this takes all the pressure off the back and allows for the pregnant belly to be supported. Working in this way is both comforting and non-invasive and perfect for pregnant women and for clients with severe back pain. An invigorating and relaxing treatment to help support and energise clients during pregnancy.

Prior to your appointment you will be called and asked a few questions to ensure that the massage is safe for you to receive. A comprehensive consultation is also taken when you arrive.

When receiving a Pregnancy Massage please remember to wear, or bring some loose clothing to change into.

Thai Pregnancy Massage is given by Tom Hoyland and Augusta Hull