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Energy Healing Muswell Hill

Energy Healing Muswell Hill

Intuitive healing is the channelling of energy and consciousness from the deepest source to help support your return to balance and harmony, helping you to enjoy your natural state of happiness, health and wellbeing. It can bring about profound change on many levels by releasing limiting beliefs, patterns and habits and clearing past traumas and energetic blockages. It strengthens and harmonises the flow of life-force energy in the body, to heal the roots of dis-ease.

Every healing session will be subtly different, depending on the client’s needs and Zena’s intuitive guidance. Clients are invited to relax completely into the journey to receive the deepest levels of healing and may experience sensations of heat, movement, tingling or colours.

Energy Healing is offered by Zena Hitchin.

To talk to Zena call 020 88834981 or email reception@muswellhealth.uk

We continue to have in place a number of infection control measures, for the safety of our clients and therapists.

This includes: All therapists and clients to wear a face covering in communal areas, and in the treatment room of some close contact therapists. Handwashing protocols in place for therapists and clients, with instructions at hand washing sinks. Hand sanitiser in all therapy rooms and the reception area, along with anti-bacterial spray for cleaning between each client. Opening windows to air treatment rooms for at least 10 minutes between each client.

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