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Integrative Psychotherapy

Integrative psychotherapy; With Sal Fulcher

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Psychotherapy gives you a safe, confidential space each week to express what’s really going on for you with someone that gets it. It’s a collaborative process where together you and your therapist find the answers to overcome your struggles.

Psychotherapy can help you:
• Increase your sense of self worth & self compassion
• Build better relationships
• Increase positive moods
• Heal past trauma & present anxiety
• Change unhelpful patterns and behaviour
• Recognise your values, strengths & achieve your goals

Every client is different, with a unique path to overcoming their issues.

Muswell Health’s Intergartive psychotherapist Sal Fulcher is a BACP Accredited integrative psychotherapist and uses a mixture of EMDR, Image Transformation Therapy and person centered theories and tools to help you. She will tailor her approach as to what works best for you. She works with a range of clients, but has a particular expertise and passion in helping people overcome;

• Low self esteem
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Addiction (e.g. gambling, drinking, drugs, shopping, phones etc.)
• Trauma (e.g. abuse, neglect, accidents, extreme experiences)

Integrative Psychotherapy is offered by Sal Fulcher

Getting Started

You might like to have a free 20 minute phone consultation to get a feel whether you think Sal is the right therapist for you. You may have questions you’d like to ask or you may be ready to check availability and arrange a first session. Wherever you’re at, you can email or call Sal directly at; or 07955233898. She will get back to you within 24hrs

The First Session

The first session will be an assessment session where you can express what’s going on for you and ask Sal any questions you have about the therapy. She will be aiming to get a full picture of where you’re at and give you her first thoughts as to how together you might tackle your issue.  After the first session, if you think Sal is the right therapist for you, you will arrange a weekly day and time.

Number of Sessions

The number of sessions you have is up to you. Some clients want a short burst of therapy and have 6 sessions. Many clients find a set of 12 or 24 helpful. Some clients who have more complex issues to tackle prefer to have ongoing long-term therapy. However many sessions feels right for you, you will review your progress with Sal along the way and you can decide when it’s the right time to end. Most clients have weekly sessions at the same time every week, however we do offer fortnightly sessions if that works better for you.

For more information go to Sal’s website

Sal is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.