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Reiki Muswell Hill

Reiki Muswell Hill

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Reiki Muswell Hill is a healing practice. It is safe, gentle, relaxing and rejuvenating. It is useful in supporting life changes, healing from past trauma, helping implement positive decisions, easing or removing anxiety, stress and worry. It brings balance and peace to the present and connects the recipient with their own power. It can also be helpful in assisting with physical conditions (though it does not replace medical advice).

Mostly, people experience treatments as very relaxing, usually experiencing unexpected sensations, feelings and sometimes see colours. It is common to feel euphoric, a deep sense of peace, like a weight has been lifted and often a sense post reiki bliss. It moves the client into their natural state of being and is a strong tool for self empowerment.

Regular reiki treatments help to maintain a high vibration, attracting better situations into your life. They help maintain mental, emotional and physical health. These three need to be balanced to get the most out of life. If one is out of balance, the others are effected. Blockages in the energy field are removed during reiki and this can be felt and seen in the days and weeks after a session. The energy passes through the practitioner and into the client.

This is a gentle hands on(and sometimes off) technique, with no need for any substance to be ingested, physical pressure or any other invasive action, as the energy works by itself.

Once thought of as alternative, reiki is now becoming more mainstream. It is safe to use alongside other treatments. It is not intended to replace medical procedure or advice and it is important to go to a doctor if you need to.

Reiki is offered by Tom Hoyland


We are open and our current reception hours for calls are: Monday-Friday 10am -1pm.

  • A number of changes have been put in place to ensure the safety of our clients and therapists. You can view our health, safety and hygiene policy page on our website. 

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